My friends and I play Dungeons and Dragons, and recently my Dungeon Master (DM) and his wife (my best friend) purchased 2 lbs of dice, and asked me to make them a dice bag.

I knew it had to be epic, so I went on the search for a pattern that is not only cool, but large enough to hold all their dice.

After a bit of searching, I decided to use Yarn Visions Tentacle Bag pattern.

One of the many reasons why I decided to go with this pattern was because there was a keyboard in the pictures of the bag. Even if it was a small keyboard, I reasoned, the bag has got to be large enough, judging by its scale, to hold 2 lbs of dice.

Kali Fitzgerald Yarn Visions Knitted Tentacle Bag

Image Credit: Kali Fitzgerald

Turns out, I was right. Not only did the bag hold the dice with more than enough room to spare, but the results were cooler than I ever expected. Tentacle Dice BagFirst, I had to make 16 tentacles using my double pointed knitting needles (dpns). After making that many tentacles, I feel like I can definitely take on knitting gloves.

When I made one, I would string it on my circular needles to hold the stitches, and I just kept adding the tentacles as I went, until they were all on my circulars. Tentacles on Circular Knitting Needles

Once I was done making all 16 tentacles, I had to figure out how to begin knitting. After a few false starts on my circulars, I ended up transitioning all the tentacles back onto my dps to get the tentacles connected because my small circular cable (24″) was too large for this project. If I had a 16″ cable, I could have probably started the bag on my circulars.

Once the bag had a few rows on it, I actually transitioned back to my circulars, and around and around I went. Tentacles on Circular Knitting NeedlesThat is, until I ran out of green yarn. Now, the requestees of the bag did mention I could make the bag out of any yarn, even scrap yarn, they did not care. But, not just any yarn would do. So, after searching my stash of yarn, I found the perfect solution — purple yarn. See, my DM loves green, but his wife loves purple, and since it was for both of them, it seemed like the perfect solution. Besides, the purple yarn was the same brand as the green (red heart super saver). Tentacles on Circular Knitting Needles Adding PurpleThe pattern was pretty straight forward, and the worst part was weaving in all the ends from the tentacles. At one point I considered giving up on the idea, and turning the tentacle bag into an artistic hat. Tentacle Bag as Artistic Hat

But I carried on and soon enough all the ends were neatly tucked in, and the bag came together. I’m in love with the final result, and so are they. I would definitely make this pattern again. Knit Tentacle Dice Bag