A list of common knitting abbreviations and terms.

Frog: To rip out rows of knitting so that you can go back and fix a mistake or completely rip out the entire project to start over. Known as frogging because you have to “rip it, rip it” back your work.

md: a right leaning mitered decrease. Slip 2 stitches together, like you are going to k2tog, k1, then pass the 2 slipped stitches over the knitted stitch.

ssk: slip, slip, knit; a left leaning decrease stitch. Slip two titches separately, as if to knit, and then place the left needle in the front of both stitches, and knit them together.

SSK Youtube Tutorial by Very Pink Knits

Tink: To knit backwards, or unknit. Works best for mistakes caught in a recent row, otherwise it’s better to frog.

yo: yarn over; a one stitch increase that creates a hole in the knitting.

yo Youtube Tutorial by Knit Purl Hunter